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Jeff Woods - Founder

Entrepreneur / Photographer / Filmmaker / Connector

I started Apex out of struggles in my life as a creative entrepreneur. Through those struggles, I learned that I was not alone. Apex is birthed out of the desire to empower other men to show up in life and revive that pioneering spirit. 

My creative entrepreneur background includes being a platform speaker and brand ambassador for Canon, Adobe, The Grid, DXO Labs and White House Custom Color. Today my work includes crafting stories for brands, individuals, and causes that build a beautiful outcome. 

Noah Lowry- THE LEFTY

SF Giants Alumni Player / Philanthropist / Entrepreneur

In 2001 the San Francisco Giants selected Noah in the first round, 30th pick overall, of the baseball draft,  turning Noah’s dreams into reality. Now living in Northern California with his wife Andrea and two children, he has found that the game of Baseball prepared him for the game of life! Currently, he is Vice President of Business Development at D3 Digital Business Services.



dan tocchini- THE GODFATHER

President of ACCD / Founder of Blood & Ethos / Entrepreneur / Author

Dan has spent the last 30 years training executive leaders and their teams in business and the non-profit world to produce high performing cultures. Dan has worked with Interstate Batteries, Tokyo Electron America, ESPN, The Disney Corporation, Microsoft, Seagate, LesConcierges, and Robert Young Vineyards.

Shaun Gordon- CEO Kiss Books/entrepreneur

Shaun was a wedding photographer for 15 years and shot around 500 weddings. He is a California native that currently resides in Indianapolis. He has three kids and an amazing wife. Family is a huge priority and he has a big heart for creative entrepreneurs. Shaun says, "We are all called to be leaders and with the right amount of challenge and support, we can liberate those around us and influence them to be what they were made for." Shaun is now the CEO and sole owner of KISS Books.  He and his team have a culture that loves well, and serves photographers by creating a system and a product that allows the photographer to focus on what matters most to them.  

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Chase Reeves- entrepreneur/ Youtube Influencer

Hey, I’m Chase Reeves, a designer turned entrepreneur trying to figure out what the hell life is about. (I have some ideas.)

I Co-Founded, host The Fizzle Show podcast, and have achieved z-list internet celebrity status on YouTube for my reviews of bags.

Professionally, I got started as a web designer. I focused on re-designing and branding large blogs. I have struggled with professional creativity for too many years to treat it lightly. There’s frustration in the creative life, frustration that can block you up and harm people you care about. But there’s wisdom too.